Create Data Warehouse extract tables from SQL Server source system

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I have often found that I needed a quick script for giving me CREATE TABLE statements for each table in a source system database, so I could create these tables in my extract schema in my Data Warehouse. This can obviously be done using SQL Server Management Studio, but I found that I would then manually have to edit each statement to remove keys, indexes, identity columns, and everything else that I usually do not want in my extract tables.

Having not being able to find one, I wrote my own, and though I’d share it here. The following script writes a CREATE TABLE statement for each table in a SQL Server source database, so they can be used for creating extract tables in a data warehouse.

DECLARE @ExtractSchema NVARCHAR(100) = 'Extract'

SELECT 'CREATE TABLE [' + @ExtractSchema + '].['
      + SCHEMA_NAME (t.schema_id)
      + '_' + + '] (' + LEFT(cols .column_list, LEN(cols .column_list) - 1) + ')'
FROM sys.tables t
CROSS APPLY (SELECT '[' + c .name + '] ' + UPPER(ty .name)
                    + CASE WHEN IN ('decimal', 'numeric') THEN
                              '(' + CONVERT(NVARCHAR(10), c.precision)
                              + ', '
                              + CONVERT (NVARCHAR(10), c.scale)
                              + ')'
                      WHEN = 'float' THEN
                         '(' + CONVERT(NVARCHAR(10), c.precision ) + ')'
                      WHEN IN ('datetime2', 'datetimeoffset', 'time') THEN
                         '(' + CONVERT(NVARCHAR(10), c.scale) + ')'
                      WHEN IN ('char', 'nchar', 'varchar', 'nvarchar') THEN
                         '(' + CASE WHEN c.max_length = - 1
                                   THEN 'MAX'
                                   ELSE CAST (c.max_length AS NVARCHAR(10))
                              END + ')'
                      ELSE ''
                    + CASE WHEN c.is_nullable = 0 THEN ' NOT'
                      ELSE ''
                    + ' NULL, '
               FROM sys.columns c
               INNER JOIN sys.types ty
               ON c.user_type_id = ty.user_type_id
               WHERE t.object_id = c.object_id
               ORDER BY c.column_id
               FOR XML PATH('')
      ) cols (column_list)

David Peter Hansen

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David Peter Hansen is a Microsoft Certified Master of SQL Server and works as Senior Manager at Hitachi Consulting in London. He has worked with database development and administration for 12 years, and has worked with the Microsoft Business Intelligence platform since SQL Server 2000. He specializes in developer coaching as well as scalable architecture and performance tuning on large-scale data warehouses and BI solutions. He is a frequent speaker at SQL Server and BI conferences.

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